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Digital Photography

Drawing on years of experience shooting with large format cameras I have taken digital to the next level with photography of difficult lighting situations via multi-exposure and expertly blending them by hand into beautiful composites that Capture the Natural Light of Architecture. This hand-blending gives images a natural look that the automated HDR computer blending can not match.

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Above is a B&W converted from a 21 megapixel color image. The hand-held image was shot in the rain on a windy day. By shooting in the raw format I was able expand and compress tones in different areas to bring out everything from the image. Produced in minutes at my computer, the first print-out perfect.
The photo above with the Canoe was shot with B&W 4x5-inch film, exposure determined using the Zone System, pull processed 3 stops to capture the range of light from bright sky to shady trees. Hours spent in the darkroom, using highly dilute film developer and hand dodging and burning the prints.
Digital photography has allowed me to produce images
that are closer to the way we perceive light.
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